Smart Home

The Unilectric solution leverages the Internet of Things to add circuit-level management to home automation service offerings. This allows customers to boost security, safety, and energy efficiency while creating new revenue opportunities for providers.

Data Intelligence

Data collected and analyzed by the Unilectric system can be transformed into additional revenue opportunities through data sales to appliance manufacturers and retailers, repair services, warranty companies and security vendors looking to boost their products, services or customer experiences.

Power Management

Data collected and analyzed from Unilectric’s smart circuits is transformed into intelligence that smart home and business owners can use to: better understand where their energy dollars are going, conserve energy with plans designed for specific usage patterns, replace older appliances with newer energy-efficient models, and even repair old appliances before they become troublesome. Support of Demand Response enables the home or business to automatically take action to reduce energy consumption during times of peak grid loads.

Intelligent Integration

As the Internet of Things continues to grow it creates a demand for rapid integration of existing smart devices as well as home management ecosystems (such as Samsung’s SmartThings). The Unilectric system is also adaptable to new technologies such as solar, EVs, battery backups and more.

Demand Response

Gives utilities the ability to gain more detailed insight on usage in order to more effectively balance supply and demand. Additionally, customers can designate which circuits are critical and non-critical, which means in demand response situations utilities can turn individual circuits off to avoid rolling blackouts, accommodate customers with critical needs, restore power gradually to avoid surges, and restore circuits to pre-outage settings. The result? Save more electricity, cause less damage to equipment and an improved customer experience.