Key Features

Circuit Monitoring

8kHz sampling of each circuit yields meter-level accuracy in power measurements and signature analysis of high-frequency EMI. The hardware supports custom algorithms at the circuit level to monitor high-value devices, unique configurations or applications.

Circuit Control

Protect people and property with warnings and automatic shutoff of circuits when anomalous conditions are detected. Users can remotely view and control circuit status, trip settings, and automated actions. Warning levels can be employed to indicate unwanted or abnormal usages.

Device Identification

Identify electrical devices and appliances. Monitor specific devices even if they are moved from one circuit to another. Per circuit disaggregation provides the highest accuracy possible.

Modular Hardware

Support almost any combination of circuit configuration. Worldwide power measurements on 1, 2 and 3 phase circuits are supported.

Automated Demand Response

Notify users of DR events and automatically apply pre-approved energy reduction actions. Interaction with home and building management networks (such as Samsung's SmartThings) provides a synergistic platform for energy savings and control.

Cloud-based Analytics

Provide analysis and storage for large volumes of frequently measured data. Custom analytics and system level interfaces are easily supportable as is integration with many different Home Area Networks.